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Focus Topics

The Institute solicits YOUR opinion of how to resolve or accommodate issues in the following areas or any other area not listed here. The areas and sub-areas listed below are suggested topics.

REMINDER: The Institute views all communications impartially and objectively. Any submission should be consistent with this philosophy.

Agriculture (Efficiency; Technology; Farm Tax)
Administration of Justice (Law Suits; Selection of Judges)
Arts and Entertainment
Athletes (Sports in General)
Aviation (Airlines; Regulation; Safety)
Cancer Research and Support
Capital Punishment (Justification; Efficacy)
Colleges and Universities
Communications (Air Waves; Censorship; Advertising)Corporations (Taxation)
Discrimination (Gender; Age; Religion; Race; Sexual Preference)
Drugs (Cost; Criminality)
Economy (Role of Government; Monopolies)
Education (Public Schools; Teacher competency; Funding)
Energy (Conservation; Alternate Sources; National Security)
Federal Reserve Policy
Free Speech and Press

Freedom of Information (Sunshine Laws; Transparency in Government)
Government (Federal Government-Gridlock; Campaign Contributions; Regulation; Intervention; Elections; Local Government)
Gun Control (Right to Bear Arms)
Healthcare (Universal Healthcare; Dentistry)
Highway Safety
Internal Revenue Service
Language (Usage)
Manufacturing (Efficiency; Technology)
Motion Pictures, Movies
Narcotics (Decriminalization; War on Drugs)
National Parks
National Security
Nuclear Proliferation

Penal System (Prisons; Criminal Laws)
Police and Law Enforcement;
Political Campaigns (Campaign Finance; Duration)
Public Broadcasting (Funding; Content; Advertising)
Real Estate/Real Property
Religion and Morals
Social Engineering (Taxation; Welfare; Food stamps; Affirmative Action)
Taxation (Income Tax; Flat Tax; Ad Valorem Property Tax; Sales Tax; Value Added Tax)
Television Broadcasting
Unions (Laws; Strikes)
Welfare (Food Stamps; Medicaid; Taxation; Fraud)
Whistleblowers (Law Suits; Qui Tam Litigation)


Tolerance, Respect, Discrimination, Noise, Signage, Smoking, Abuse and perversion of internet, Child development, Firearms/weapons, Public education, Constitutional Revision, Religion, War, Government, Voting classes, Biometrics, Administration of justice/civil/criminal, Penal system, Capital punishment, Traffic signals,
Gasoline lines, Judges, Law suits, Real Estate brokers, Casualty insurance companies, Class action suits, Highway safety, US First amendment.

The institute generally will avoid taking a position on a politically charged issue except to propose a workable method to accomplish goals that have already been identified by consensus or majority.

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