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“...the Consumer Reports of ideas"

About Us

The Ethical Pragmatism Institute is a non-political, non-ideological, non-religious, non-profit public charity with tax-exempt status under Sec 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code. The institute is funded by donations and grants and provides its services free of charge to all.

The Institute follows the principles of the philosophy of Ethical Pragmatism (EP), the common sense philosophy, in its efforts to do the greatest good for the greatest number of people in the most efficient manner.

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Members of the public are encouraged to volunteer for service on review panels or to be in our speakers bureau. Speaking can be on a specific issue or simply educating the public, particularly our youth, as to the use of objective, critical thinking and common sense.

Pursuant to EP, all special interests, politics, ideologies, persuasions and labels are ignored in order to objectively determine the most practical (pragmatic) method of accomplishing anything and everything in all of life’s endeavors. The institute is not concerned with knowing who is in favor of, or opposed to, something. Its only concern is finding what will work best.

The Institute will evaluate ideas, suggestions and proposals. There is no area that cannot be addressed.

Superimposed upon the philosophical notion of pragmatism is the belief that human life has value. Consideration for human life is always implied in Ethical Pragmatism (EP) and the work of the institute.

EP and the institute support realistic observations and objective assessments of facts without which the prospects of positive outcomes are severely compromised or completely thwarted.

The Institute invites the general public to offer challenges and identify issues for consideration. Once an issue becomes the subject of focus, the Institute solicits relevant suggestions, models, proposals, paradigms, plans and solutions.

Areas of interest for the institute to consider can be of the loftiest nature or the most basic everyday concerns. They can be found in agriculture, commerce, industry, government, the arts, science, healthcare, economics, domestic matters and anything in one’s imagination from world peace to traffic congestion. With that which is received regarding any area of interest, regardless of the source, the institute endeavors to find, develop and apply the essence of the subject to real world circumstances by educating the public, making suggestions or implementing a plan for action.

Based on its impartiality, one might say that the Ethical Pragmatism Institute is the Consumer Reports of ideas.

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